Support Services for the Asian-American Community

Thank you for visiting the Culture to Culture Foundation website. We are a nonprofit, community-based organization dedicated to promoting mental health and emotional wellness within the San Francisco Bay Area's growing Asian-American community.

It is a sad fact that many in the Asian-American community are desperately in need of emotional support, but do not seek it out. Due to isolation, language barriers, lack of bilingual and bicultural mental health professionals, cultural stigma, limited resources and other factors, many in the Asian-American community do not seek professional help until either very late or in crisis. Research has shown that Asian-American women have the highest suicide rate among women over the age of 65 and the second highest between the ages of 15 and 24 in the United States.

Language barriers and social stigma often make early diagnosis and intervention difficult. Therefore, the suicide rate is relatively high but the service utilization rate is rather low which simply reflects a huge gap between those unserved and underserved populations in  the Asian American community.

Since 2001, Culture to Culture Foundation has worked tirelessly to bridge the gap and provide better access to culturally competent mental health services among the area's Asian-American population. This website serves as a gateway to our educational programs, cultural activities and community events that have reached over 5,000 Asian-Americans of all ages and income levels in the Bay Area in the last 5 years of services.

An old Chinese proverb states that "the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Whether you or someone you know is in need of help, or you wish to know how you can help others, we invite you to take that first step.

Most Recent Events & News

July 20,2015
   C to C was very honored to announce that Chia-Chia-Chien was being selected and
                      recognized on 7-8-15 as a member of the NASW (National Association of Social
                      Workers) Social Work Pioneer. Please click here to see the commemorative NASW
                      Social Work Pioneer certificate for your reference.

                      C to C was very pleased and honored to announce that a 3-year Summer Research
                      Institutional Membership Program between the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley
                      and the Harris Manchester College of Oxford University has been established and
                      sponsored by C to C this year. It is hoped that through this sponsorship, more 
                      collaboration and partnership in between CAL and Oxford on mental health and human
                      health care related research will be further developed to benefit our community at

May 13,2015    API Mental Health Anti-
                      Stigma Video Contest
                      sponsors presented the
                      winner's short video clip at
                      the right side.

Apr 30,2015    Culture to Culture foundation sponsored "2015 API Community Mental Illness
                      Anti-Stigma Video Contest". Please click here for detailed information and
                      click here for video contest PSA

May 31,2014    Culture to Culture foundation sponsored 2014 Mental Health Awareness Awards
                       Ceremony on 5/31/2014 at Irvington High School, Fremont, CA. Please click here
                       for more detail of our inviation e-card.

Mar 17,2014     Culture to Culture foundation accepted application of mental health essay
                        scholarship. Deadline was 3/17/2014.
For detail information, please click here to see the contest flyer and
for application direction.

Feb 14, 2014     A Letter from Tom Torlakson, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, California
                       Department of Education. P
lease click here to read the detail.

Oct 12, 2013     Motivated by the
                       increasing number of
                       heartbreaking events
                       related to the mental
                       health of teenagers, this
                       year Culture to Culture
                       Foundation sponsored an
                       essay contest asking high
                       school students to
                       describe the number one
                       mental health issue
                       affecting high school
                       students today.
We were
                       deeply touched, inspired, 
                       and educated by the 127 personal testimonies and insights that were submitted.

                       Some of those students shared their stories in the above video.

                       Please click photo here for 10 winners of $500 scholarship and photo here for 11 
                       awardees of Honorable Mention with $100 scholarship. Click photo for award judges
                       and photo for award audience. Also click text here for our student's excerpt.

Sept 22, 2013   The 6th Annual Senior Volunteer Award of Contra Costa County was held at the
                       Pleasant Hill Senior Center from 2 to 4:00 pm. Please click photo here for all the
                       nominees and photo here for all presenters from the Contra Costa County. Also click
                       article here reported by Contra Costa Times.

May 31, 2013    C to C foundation accepted application of mental health essay scholarship
                        now. Deadline was 5/31/2013. For detail information please click contest flyer in
                        English or Chinese form.

March 28, 2013  University of Illinois School of Social Work Alumni Association has announced the
                        2012-2013 Community Achievement Award to C to C foundation and
                        Chia-Chia Chien. Please click the news letter for more detail.  

Sept 23, 2012    C to C foundation sponsors the 5th annual Senior Volunteer Award.
                        Please click the flyer for more detail.

June 30, 2012    C to C foundation sponsors the first Chinese American Mental Health Volunteer
                        "Pushing Hands" Award. Please see flyer in English version or in Chinese version.

Oct 16, 2011      C to C foundation's 10th 
                        Anniversary history,
                        please click right video

Oct 16, 2011      10th Anniversary's
                        celebration "International
                        Fashion Show", please
                        click right video clip.

Oct 16, 2011       4th Annual Senior
                         Volunteer Awards, please click here for detail flyer. PSA video clip provided and
                         contributed by KTFS channel 26 click here.

Oct 16, 2011       Culture to Culture foundation celebrating 10 years of service.
We want to express
                         our appreciation to Culture to Culture's sponsors, donors, volunteers and
                         supporters. We are grateful to our community and want to give back to our
                         community through celebration.

Apr 15, 2011       Chinese New Year Celebration at Lafayette Senior Center.

Mar 3, 2011         Chinese New Year Celebration at Jewish Community Center.

Feb 2, 2011          Chinese New Year Celebration at Danville Prime Time Club News Article click here
                           and Video click here.

Dec 10, 2010        "Shattering Culture Barriers" Berkerly Health; The Magazine for Alumni and
                           Friends at the School of Public Health, UC Berkerly click here.

Nov 23, 2010        News Article at Contra Costa Times about C to C's 3rd Annual Senior Volunteer
                           Award of 10/17/2010 click here.

Oct 17, 2010         News article of Danville Express click here. Picture of Award Winners click p1,
                           Entertainment click p2. Winner's Bio click here.
Third Annual Senior Volunteer
                           Awards event click here. Third Annual Senior Awards PSA video clip provided and
                           contributed by KTFS channel 26 click here.

July 4, 2010          Culture to Culture Foundation's participation at the July 4th's Parade in Danville.
                            Please see Events page.

May 19, 2010        Community Service Award received from Asin Pacific Islander for American Public
                           Affairs (APAPA) click here.
May, 2009             Lifetime Achievement Award news click here in English and  click here in Chinese.

Dec, 2008             Culture to Culture Foundation's CEO and Chairman, Chia Chia Chien, was honored
                            as a 2008 Purpose Prize Fellow.

Culture The Purpose Prize 2008 Chia-Chia Chiento Culture Foundation's CEO and Chairman, Chia Chia Chien, was recently honored as a 2008 Purpose Prize Fellow.  The Purpose Prize is part of the Encore Careers campaign, which aims to engage millions of baby boomers in "encore" careers, which combine social impact, personal meaning and continued income in the second half of one's life to solve society's most pressing issues.  The 2008 Purpose Prize--the nation's only large-scale investment in social innovators in the second half of their life--is a six-year, $17 million program for people over 60 who are taking on society's biggest challenges.  From more than 1,000 nominees, six $100,000 winners, nine $10,000 winners, and fifty Purpose Prize Fellows were honored as leaders in the movement to invent new ways to solve society's most challenging problems--from poverty to pollution, recidivism to racial reconciliation, and health care to homelessness. To learn more about the Purpose Prize Award, please read its full press release.

Apr, 2005             Haas Public Service Award from UC Berkeley click here.                        Members of the Senior Center on one of many outings